Bringing you quality craft beer at semi reasonable prices at semi regular times.


Location & Taproom hours

Our microbrewery and taproom is located at 65 Manilla St, East Brisbane

We're 11 minutes walk from the Gabba and just over the road from the Mowbray Park Ferry Terminal.


Thursday - 4PM-10PM

Friday- 4PM-10PM

Saturday - Noon-10PM

Sunday - Noon-6PM

Monday-Wednesday- Closed

beer made good


Semi-Pro Brewing Co. has had a long and chequered history. When we say long, we mean around four years. And when we say chequered... well, that's just because it sounds kind of cool. 

Semi-Pro started when three Brisbane guys obsessed by wort and hops and mashing in and IBUs found each other and started brewing together in each others’ backyards whenever they could. Like a gateway drug, that led to gypsy brewing, and Semi-Pro was embraced into the sodden, hairy bosom of the Brisbane craft beer community.

When Mick’s wife popped out a baby and he became a stay-at-home dad for a year, the opportunity to make Semi-Pro ‘more pro’ presented itself.

At this point, two of the founding members Dan and Lachie passed the baton to Luke (who gained his dubious reputation in the Brewditos) and his much more sensible wife Mikarla. Mick's wife, Siena, (of the aforementioned baby popping) became entangled too, rounding out the Semi-Pro family to four adults, four kids and two dogs.

Semi-Pro lurched into becoming more legit; getting our own system and premises to wholesale. It’s going to be an interesting ride!

Semi-Pro is all about medium and low alcohol, approachable and seasonal beers, perfect for balmy SEQ.  At heart we are just beer nerds, and our techniques and craft is always growing as we learn more about the wonder that is beer.

At heart we’ll always be Semi-Pro.

Mick, Siena, Luke and Mikarla

(Thanks to Gen Worrell for the great pics!)